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A Week in the Life of Rob Cross (V S)

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Rob CrossThe dreaded GCSE exams are drawing ever closer and apprehension is starting to set in the minds of a great many in our year. People were putting so much effort into the early French and Spanish orals that we have been partially disregarding other, perhaps, more important and longer exams. (No offence to the French or Spanish faculties).

With less than a week until our English Language exam Shrewsbury School motors on, and seemingly more competitions and concerts of some sort or other seem to be arranged. Severn Hill did fantastically well to finish as runners-up in the inter-house quiz competition overcoming the so-called ‘favourites’ in the semi-finals. I was proud to be a part of that four-man team and receive Dominos for our valiant efforts from PRV! Earlier that afternoon we battled our way into the semi-finals of the 1st house cricket competition. I made little contribution to the match, and a 1st XI pace bowler swiftly ended my short stay at the crease with a classy third ball duck which sent me trundling back to the bench with a clap from the rest of the team. (An innings that took less time than it took me to pad up). Amidst my lack of cricketing prowess, I am however, thoroughly enjoying my athletics. In an attempt to gain fitness for the coming football season I made the choice, amidst the vast array of sporting choices the school offers, and signed up to athletics, not really knowing what to expect. But thankfully my Easter gym sessions seem to have paid off and it is not as gruelling as expected.

Rob Cross in action (overtaking!) at Oxford AthleticsWe have had two athletics meets so far, and only last Thursday we made the journey to Oxford and Iffley Road racetrack for an afternoon of all relay events: a prestigious event with a total of 29 schools competing, among which were prestigious schools such as ourselves, Rugby, St Paul’s, Uppingham, Millfield and Radley to name a few, and other minor schools to make ourselves look good, with Abingdon and Eton being the most obvious examples!

On Saturday evening, a group of nine boys and girls accompanied by PAF and JFM made the short journey to Ford, and the house of Richard Burbidge (Chairman of Governors) to perform songs and poems from A Shropshire Lad. Despite the rain battering on the roof of the large gazebo, no one would say that it dampened the mood of a delightful evening of entertainment. Many of the pupils were keen to get on with their coach weekends, and enjoy whatever kind of break they could, but we received many compliments which were all gratefully accepted considering our lack of practice due to all our various public exams! We were told that we came across as professional and confident, and a good advertisement for Shrewsbury School!

Rob Cross in 'What You Will'During Tuesday lunchtime I was involved in another musical event - one of the weekly concerts that takes place in the chapel. I sang ‘We’ll to the woods no more’, by John Ireland, which I had also performed at the concert on Saturday in Ford. We enjoyed performing to a larger than average crowd, who had come in from the sun to listen to us perform. We all then scuttled off to lessons, but forgetting it was in fact week A not week B, I was left sitting in a Biology lab wondering where everyone was!

I can’t help but imagine it’s full steam ahead now until the end of June, and the end of exams. If I’m being honest I don’t have much motivation for revision but the last thing I want is regrets during the summer holidays. I don’t want to be depressed by a set of mediocre grades in Edinburgh whilst performing the school musical ‘What you Will’ at the Fringe in August. I intend to take full advantage of everything Shrewsbury has to offer, and I heartily encourage everyone else to do the same.

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