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A week in the life of Rob Homden (Rb UVI)

Thursday 3 October 2013

As a member of both the 1st VIII rowing crew and the School Orchestra, Rob Homden has a packed timetable at the best of times. With the additional responsibility of organising Radbrooke's unison and part songs for the hotly contested House Singing Competition - now only three weeks away - Rob is especially busy this first half of term.

Rob Homden (Rb UVI)Monday 23rd September
Up until 4 o'clock, my day was filled up with double Biology, a Chemistry test, double Physics and double Maths, planning the week’s part song rehearsals and printing off 60 copies of the lyrics for the House unison. This was followed by two hours of rowing and some volunteer running coaching for DofE. It’s now 8 o’clock and I can’t feel my legs as I sit down to start some Top Schools, but hey – I don’t need them for writing! By 9pm it’s time for the newly founded Philosophy Society (philsoc. 9-10pm Quod – just saying…) Home. Food. Sleep. Recharge…

Tuesday 24th September
A double ‘PR’ during period 4 and 5 comes as a welcome opportunity to get ahead in advance of a busy week and to buy the sweets to make House Singing run smoothly… Another two hours of rowing and then the first part song rehearsal of the week. (I can’t tell you more – spies are among us!) I get home early at 8:45pm, and plan my next few days.

Wednesday 25th September
Just five lessons – Physics, more Physics, Chemistry, Maths, more Maths. A short day academically, but three hours of rowing more than makes up for it! After stumbling back to House exhausted, I take the hour before dinner to finish small tasks and recover slightly, a few minutes of down time listening to music and relaxing in my study, then back to work. The day is rounded off with School Orchestra from 7:00 to 8:45. (concerts coming up – again I’m just saying…) before heading home to compose a little on my keyboard while in a musical mood, and then off to sleep.

Thursday 26th September
Chemistry test period one, results back by the second half of the double, followed by Physics and double Biology. Then, an afternoon’s work and a 2000m ergo at rate 22, and 20 minutes steady state rowing, before quickly returning to House for a part song rehearsal (… still not saying). Next up – the Sports Science as a Career lecture until 7:15pm. Finally I return home before 8:00pm for the first time all week.

Friday 27th September
Coach weekend beckons. An early finish to the week, to get ahead and to catch up with friends from out of School, but not until I’d completed a 6:15am rowing session and lessons. From the second I stepped into the boat, I knew the week was catching up with me, and by 8am, it had caught me up completely. Then, when hope seemed lost by break-time, I was revitalised by toast and Nutella before surging on to lunch time. A shortened week – thank goodness!

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