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A Week in the Life of William Hayward (R 3)

Wednesday 19 September 2012

William's Third Form English set were given the optional task of writing up part or all of 'Foundation Fortnight' for the 'Week in the Life' slot on the website.  William was the first to come up with his experiences of his first week as a pupil at Shrewsbury School.  We hope to have more entries here in due course.

William on his way to taking Third place in the New Boys' RaceDuring the holidays I was really looking forward to going off to school but as the last few days approached, I felt them reaching out and dragging me in a bit; and it made me think about what it must be like for someone who had never been a boarder before.

Day 1: Sunday 2nd September
We arrived at about half past four; to start with I felt like a fish in the sea. Just like at prep school you get your trunk out of the car, but I didn’t have to drag it all the way up stairs myself as I used to at prep school – the fourth formers came and kindly took it upstairs for me.

I met my room mate Jacob who is a thoroughly nice guy and entertaining. We then went into the private side for a cup of tea and saw the other boys and parents again – in the summer term there had been a lunch party and we had all met each other then, which was great because we felt we knew everybody a bit.

After tea it was time to say goodbye, which was easy for me. I received a pat on the shoulder and a “work hard” from my Dad, and then things really started moving.

We went off to an assembly given by the Headmaster, which had all the usual long things they always have (or so it seems to children). After that we went off to chapel for a few words from Rev. Dobbie.  Then it was off to supper which was tremendous as every meal is, or maybe that is because you are so hungry after sport and hard work. That wasn’t the end of the day, though, as after supper it was off back to the house to unpack my trunk.

Monday 3rd September
It was up at the early hour of seven, which was something I hadn’t practised very much in the holidays and then breakfast – a lovely cooked breakfast which you get every morning , but really wakes you up. After breakfast you get a break and go back to house to brush your teeth and most important make your bed or else you’ll hear matron’s loud voice in your ear. We then had whole school assembly which you only get on certain days of the term, and was another of the normal. Lessons commenced straight afterwards and went on until break, when everybody goes off to the Grot Shop which is the school shop, except us! We are left hoping that our Grot Shop cards will arrive soon.

In the afternoon we had sport which was an introduction to football; football isn’t my sport but I still enjoyed it.
Everything after that was the same as Sunday. Except for Top Schools, which is prep, and the let down of the evening.

Tuesday 4th September
We had the swimming test today, to see if you can swim from a boat in the middle of the river, which was a bit scary for some people.

Wednesday 5th September
Wednesday is a great day because we only have five lessons. For sport we had an introduction to rowing which I really enjoyed; we got out onto the water and it was great.

Thursday 6th September
 On Thursday we have activities and a shortened sports session.

Friday 7th September
We had an introduction to fives which I enjoyed, but wasn’t very good at.

Saturday 8th September
The start of the weekend and a welcome break, although we still have lessons until lunch time. We had the New Boys’ Race and the record was broken by a boy in my house; I came third and our house easily won the team event.

Sunday 9th September
The whole school went to a service at St Chad’s Church in town, which was the church that Darwin would have gone to as a boy. Afterwards, Mr. Middleton our housemaster took us out to lunch, and then we went round town (to Poundland and Home Bargains).

Monday 10th September
We had to choose our sports. I chose rowing and The Hunt.      

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