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Thursday 28 January 2021

This week our pupils have been exploring the theme of ‘image’ as part of their pastoral learning at Shrewsbury School.

Discussing a variety of themes with students is integral to ensure that they know how to approach a wide range of topics, between themselves or with adults, all while being fully supported by teachers and parents. To help parents to understand the topics that are addressed in these sessions, we offer access to The Wellbeing Hub, an interactive online portal with a wealth of resources to help guide and support your child.

There have been many different approaches to this week’s theme, ranging from the Power of Image to the pressures on body image for both boys and girls. Our teachers know the importance of discussing these subjects with pupils, and we want to pass that on to our students so they feel they can comfortably talk to each other about it.

Other discussions included:

  • Vulnerability – knowing it is okay to feel vulnerable, and that everyone can feel differently.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Peer pressure related to image.
  • Drugs education.

Feedback from our pupils said that these discussions were “informative”, “not patronising” and “really told us what we need to know”.

For parents or guardians, it is important to try to continue supporting our pupils with these topics. There are several links on the parents Wellbeing Hub website to help you to understand how to discuss these ideas further.

To follow on from this week’s pastoral theme, the website offers many different items discussing January’s theme of diversity and inclusion.

You can find a new podcast on Extremism with Mike Haines, a Q&A with Diversity and Inclusion Trainer, Cliff Faulder, as well as a piece entitled ‘Race and Communicating with our child’.

There is also a whole host on drugs education, including two podcasts by Fiona Spargo-Mabbs, founder of the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation, who shares advice on how to talk to young people about drugs and suggests how to reduce the potential harm caused by substance abuse.

The Wellbeing Hub has a range of events, so keep an eye out on the up-and-coming discussions. Next months’ theme is SEND (Special education needs and disabilities) Matters.

Instructions on how to register and links for accessing the Wellbeing Hub are detailed in the parent portal.

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