Shrewsbury School

Whole School Photo: Behind the Lens

Wednesday 24 April 2013

At 11.10am on Tuesday 23rd April, every pupil and member of teaching staff gathered together on Central for a once-in-five-year event: the Whole School Photo. The creation of this historic memento of a Salopian career is an event in itself. Creating order and serried ranks from a mass of 744 pupils and 135 members of staff is a major undertaking and feat of organisation, as these behind-the-scenes photos show.

School photo 2013 - empty scaffolding School photo 2013 - massed pupils School photo 2013 - chaos?
 School photo 2013 - getting into height order  School photo 2013 - the scaffolding begins to fill  School photo 2013 - halfway there?
 School photo 2013 - still filing into place  School photo 2013 - hold still and smile please!  School photo 2013
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