Shrewsbury School

Wildlife in Churchill's

Friday 23 November 2018

A boarding house is a home, a place of relaxation, comfort, and sometimes a place where hobbies are pursued, like drawing, music, gardening….


Yes, some Lower School boys in Churchill’s Hall have taken their first steps to maybe becoming the next Monty Don or Chris Packham as they set about building a wildlife garden to attract bees, nesting birds, hedgehogs, frogs, etc.

As the winter chills descend and the dark nights close in, the boys have planted bulbs that will become a magnet for the pollinators such as bees in the Spring and Summer of 2019. The raised vegetable patch has been readied to receive compost and soil and plans have been made to build a pond and place nesting boxes strategically.

And then…well, Monty and Chris, move over!

Evidence of nurturing the whole child is everywhere at Shrewsbury School.

Nick Zafar


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