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World Book Day celebrations

Friday 7 March 2014

World Book Day (Thursday 7th March) started perfectly for us when all Lower School pupils and tutors “Dropped everything and read” for 20 minutes before lessons began.  Many took the opportunity to read their free World Book Day title – Rock war: the audition by Robert Muchamore. Feedback from this event has been wonderfully positive – with some students suggesting that we hold similar events every month.

Catering staff joined the celebration by designing a special World Book Day menu – which included Lord of the Pies (beef and onion pies), Hamlet (omelette) and Of Rice and Men (rice pudding).

After lunch Mr Dalton shared his experience of writing the Temples of Malplaquet trilogy in his fascinating talk “How to make money from your writing”. He encouraged students to take opportunities now to get used to writing for and receiving feedback from an audience. His message that successful authors love words and love reading was perfect for World Book Day. 

Judging then took place for the two World Book Day competitions. The “Extreme Reading Photography Competition” – photographs of reading taking place in extraordinary circumstances or unusual places – received very imaginative entries including photographs of reading on top of a wardrobe, in the Grot Shop and in various elevated, outdoor venues. After much deliberation we chose two winning entries. Conrad Morson submitted three wonderful photographs. We finally chose his dramatic and carefully staged photograph of reading in the Chapel as a winner (see right). Niklas Amthor’s photograph of reading whilst cycling (below) – although not a recommended activity – was another worthy winner.

Equally strong entries were received in the Design a Book Cover Competition. This competition was created and organised with the help of a group of Third Form Duke of Edinburgh volunteers – who developed the concept and designed the publicity. Four winners – Andrew Spicer, Oliver Lansdell, Sebastian Ingrams and Gus Lloyd – were eventually chosen. All winning entries displayed strong designs which incorporated clear knowledge of the books. 

World Book Day 2014 - Winning Book Cover Designs
World Book Day 2014 - Winning Book Cover Designs

Above left: winning book cover design by Andrew Spicer (M UVI - one of a series of four covers for Harry Potter titles); right - winning book cover design by Oliver Lansdell (PH V)
To view the other winning cover designs, please see the gallery below

I’ve asked all the winners to let me know their favourite authors, genres or subject areas and I will select a book I think each will treasure. I am delighted that the school really embraced World Book Day – I’m already planning bigger and better things for next year!

Jo Elliot
Head Librarian

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