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Young Engineers Group meet Old Salopian racing driver Oli Webb

Friday 27 June 2014

We were delighted to welcome Oliver Webb (S 2004-09) back to school on Monday, making time in his hectic schedule as a racing driver to come and talk to the Young Engineers group.

Oli arrived at the school in 2004 already competing seriously in national Karting events. He steadily built up his experience and speed as his years at Shrewsbury went by, progressing on quickly to racing cars.  Signed up by BMW by the time he was in the Sixth Form, Oli spent increasing amounts of time juggling his school commitments with time spent training and competing on the race circuit.

His Housemaster in Severn Hill, Paul Vicars, recalls his dedication to both his studies and his racing. “Oli’s time-management was exceptional. He would be on the podium at the end of a race somewhere in Europe one minute and then half an hour later he’d be emailing through his Business Studies essay to me.  He was hugely dedicated to his sport, following a strict personal training programme and nutritional plan to the letter. But he was also very popular in the House and always got stuck in with House sport. And he still managed to perform exceptionally well in his A levels.”

Since leaving school, Oli has had a very successful career, reaching Formula 3 level in 2010. He is now moved across to Endurance Racing and has joined Renault Alpine. Last weekend he took third place in the 24-hour Le Mans Race.

The Young Engineers Group is mainly a Third Form group who build a 24 Volt racing car and then go racing in the national Greenpower competition at circuits around the country. They have won the IMECH "Best Engineered Car" in the North West Heat in both 2012 and 2013. For several years now, they Young Engineers have worked and raced under the guidance and supervision of John Holloway, who retires from the Design and Technology Department at the end of this term.

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