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A Week in the Life of Freddie Ellery, Postor (PH)

Monday 29 November 2021

Freddie ElleryMy week began with Postor duty at the Sunday Carol Service in the School Chapel. The most nerve wracking part is perhaps the walking down the aisle for beginning of the service where one’s only thoughts are “Don’t trip. Don’t trip. Don’t trip!”. For me, the highlights were the choir and the mass lighting of the candles, creating a thoroughly splendid occasion. Once home I set about finishing off my top schools for the coming week and then fell gratefully into bed.

Then, Monday and into the week proper. As a dayboy, the day begins with dragging myself reluctantly out of bed at the utterly unreasonable time of 7:00 am. Then getting ready and off to school. First was the first of our thrice weekly morning meetings with the Headmaster which allow us as students to take issues directly to the Headmaster. I get to evening and the final of the House Debating Competition, for which I acted as Chair. This didn’t disappoint as we were treated to fantastic speeches, obscure references, tenuous similes and of course the occasional verbal salvo. The close fought duel saw the final prize go to Severn Hill.

On Tuesday, I was on a train and off to Birmingham with my history set to attend a series of lectures, focusing on the Russian Revolution. These lectures encouraged us to look more closely and think differently about events and factors that we previously took unquestioned. Back at school I received the call to write this piece and began it with due diligence.

Wednesday saw the second meeting with the Headmaster. On this occasion, I was alone as Alex and Tom were away at interviews for Oxbridge, as were so many others, which left many of my sets heavily depleted. Following lessons, I set about ‘robustly’ organising members of the house into taking part in the Hope-Simpson House Ergo Competition. The cold weather saw the eagerly anticipated 1st House Football Final moved away from the school’s frozen pitches to the Sundorne Sports Village. Here I watched The Grove triumph over Radbrook. I found my loyalties painfully divided between my fellow dayboys in Radbrook and my own brother George, playing for The Grove! Like Wednesday, Thursday is a shorter day of 5 lessons and as an Upper Sixth former I am exempted from the activities that go on during a Thursday afternoon. This allowed me time to plough on with my ancient history project on the army of Alexander the Great and finish and submit this article.

On Friday I can look forward to a great number of things to do. My third meeting with the Headmaster comes first and is followed by 3rd Form Chapel duty. Then lessons which are cut short at break time and the whole school moves to the Alington Hall for assembly. Here I hope to fulfil an ambition I have held since 3rd Form of walking down the aisle of the assembly and bringing the school to quiet. After this comes House Colours where the achievements of Porthill’s fine men will be recognised with awards and honours. Next, is the final Carol service where I have been asked to read a lesson and, finally, the Christmas dinner, where I hope it will be my privilege to read Grace for the school. With that, my term ends and I dive into the holidays, ready to recuperate, revise and, of course, relax.

Freddie Ellery

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