Shrewsbury School

House Rowing: The Hope Simpson Ergo Championships

Sunday 5 December 2021

Over 200 competitors were entered into this year's indoor rowing championships yesterday. Held in the school gym with the ergos connected together to provide live racing on a big screen, this, combined with loud music produced an electric atmosphere. There were individual events for the school rowing squads, and house relay events where a team of 4 uses one ergo to cover a set distance by making quick changeovers between the team.

Overall Rigg's Hall took the Hope-Simpson cup for the 2nd year running, with superb performances in all of the events; including a win for their Senior House relay team. In the Junior House relay, Ingram's produced a big charge for the line to take the win.

The top 8 finishers in each event score points for their house towards the Leadbitter Cup - the overall house rowing trophy.


Selected results:

Top Squad individual - 2000m
1 Sam Lapage (R)
2 Fred Day (R)
3 Ollie Antcliff (M)
4 Tom Marshall (SH)
5 Rupert Chitty (M)
6 Kris Blake (S)
7 Fiennes Davey (G)
8 Chris Rhodes-Bell (SH)

J15 Squad individual - 2000m
1 Will Angell-James (R)
2 Henry Young (SH)
3 Rob Homden (Rb)
4 Oli Pattison-Appleton (Ch)
5 Baramee Dobbs (Rt)
6 Henry Rassmuss (I)
7 Charlie Lane-Fox (Rt)
8 Will Minshall (R)

J14 Sqaud individual - 4 min
1 Peter Hammond (PH)
2 Charlie Adams (S)
3 Toby Thomas (SH)
4 Rufus Lichfield (I)
5 Hamish Neill (Rt)
6 Jacob Rumble (PH)
7 Oliver Murray (M)
8 Hugo Morgan (R)

Girls squad individual - 1000m
1 Eila Purvis MSH
2 Becky Haynes MSH
3 Georgia Leece-Drinkwater MSH
4 Issy Barber MSH
5 Laura Hustwick-Wilkes MSH
6 Kate Harrison MSH
7 Helena Smye MSH
8 Molly Derbyshire MSH

Senior House relay - 3000m
1 Rigg's
2 Ingram's
3 Grove
4 Moser's
5 Oldham's
6 Severn Hill
7 School House
8 Churchill's

Junior House relay - 2000m
1 Ingram's
2 Severn Hill
3 Rigg's
4 Radbrook
5 Port Hill
6 School House
7 Churchill's
8 Moser's

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