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Co-education from 2014: Further news

Monday 28 November 2011

As was announced at the end of September, the Governors have approved plans that Shrewsbury should move to fully embrace co-education at all levels, with effect from September 2014. Since that announcement, a number of working groups have been researching the various options as to how the school can best prepare itself for the arrival of Third Form girls.

At their meeting on Saturday 26th November, after the consideration of a range of options including the acquisition of additional property, the construction of new boarding houses, and conversion of our own houses, the Governing Body has decided that The Grove will be converted to accommodate the arrival of girls.

Today, all parents of boys in The Grove have received letters containing a more detailed explanation of how this process will be handled.

We believe that through the conversion of The Grove, Shrewsbury School will be well placed to welcome our first contingent of Third Form girls in 2014. We will be working closely with Grove parents on an individual basis to allay concerns and to ensure that the future arrangements for boys in The Grove can meet their needs as directly as possible in the circumstances.

We will be holding a reception on Thursday 19th January at 6.30pm for parents of children who might come to Shrewsbury from 2012 to 2016. Please see for more information.

Please also see our original announcement on 19th September:

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