Shrewsbury School

RSSBC: Wycliffe Small Boats Head - Girls' crews

Monday 5 December 2011

The RSSBC Girls squad took to the final event of the term with a definite commitment.

For the crew of Bridget Lapage(EDH) and Eliza Hodgson(EDH) this was to be their third race this term and yet another opportunity to put into place various technical efforts. They were rewarded with a silver medal(2/8). Their evident disappointment at losing out on the Gold by a mere 3 seconds spoke volumes. Polly Bingham and Liby Wood also competed in the same event and finished 6/8. A commendable performance from a crew that had little water time in the week leading up to the race.

Meanwhile, the Girls coxed four  suffered a number of illnesses. With a determined effort to race for the second time this term they took to the water with a new combination. Finishing 4/5 is not indicative of the effort that has been put in in recent weeks, but they have banked another race experience and were able to apply what was asked of them and, in the process, closing the gap on other crews. The crew of Amy Steventon, Amy Stockdale, Rainbow Satchittipivarn and Katy Williams (all EDH) can look forward to a strong lent term.

The girls have had a very encouraging start to their rowing careers at the school, and can only look forward to some even better racing next term. Thanks go to Nathan Williams and Rachel Whitcombe for all their efforts this term.


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