Shrewsbury School

Pupil's painting to be made into a Christmas card

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Fifth former Edward Shawe-Taylor's painting of a winter scene has been chosen by Head of Art, Philip Woollley, to be made into a school Christmas card.  Edward writes "This painting grew out of a GCSE project based on views from windows. The initial task was to do a drawing from a school building. My original drawing was the view from the Moser Library. However when I came to paint it, what started as a view of the town became a view of the Welsh countryside, as one might see on 'Basic Year'. I then decided to change the drama of the picture with the addition of snow. The painting was then completed - and in the end the tree on the left hand side of the painting was the only aspect of my original drawing that remained."

by Edward Shaw-Taylor

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