Shrewsbury School

Senior House Debating: Ingram's vs Radbrook

Wednesday 7 December 2011

'This House would rather have tofu than turkey for Christmas: The consumption of meat is immoral'.

The Senior House Debating final took place in the Ashton Theatre on Tuesday night, with Ingram's proposing the above motion, and Radbrook A opposing.

It was a great debate (one of the best finals I have seen) with both sides arguing strongly, and some very interesting questions from the floor. The Ashton Theatre was nearly filled out with boys supporting their house, staff and parents.

In the end Ingram's won the day with a fine summary speech from Jack Flowers. The Headmaster said that the debate had been a very close one, and that both teams had argued well.

Ingram's won the Antony Mangnall (O 2003-2008) Senior House Cup for Debating.


Ingram's team:
Jack Flowers
Chris Williams
Ed Grant

Radbrook A team:
Ralph Wade
Edward Elcock
James Brent

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