Shrewsbury School

RSSBC: Hope-Simpson Ergo Championships

Thursday 8 December 2011

L-R: Rigg's supporters; Ingram's in action; School House, Senior relay winners

At our own indoor rowing championships it was a case of record times being beaten in a number of events, but the same old story as Rigg's took home the overall trophy for the third year in succession.

Over 200 boys and girls competed (approximately 30% of the school) either individually as members of one of the school rowing squads, or as part of the house relay teams which try to cover a set distance between 4 people. In the junior house relay, Severn Hill smashed the current record by almost 10 seconds to take the title (in fact 2nd placed School House, and 3rd placed Ingram's also broke the old record!). In the senior house relay, School House set another new record time on their way to victory.


Photos: Sam & Bridget Lapage, both winners in their categories;
the Alington Hall transformed for the championships;
the Headmaster takes on the Third Formers.

Selected results:

Top Squad individual - 2000m
1 Sam Lapage (R)
2 Fred Day (R)
3 Tom Marshall (SH)
4 Miles Pattison-Appleton (Ch)
5 Rob Morgan (R)
6 Judah Rand (R)
7 James Kynaston (Ch)
8 Peter Gadsden (Ch)

J15 Squad individual - 2000m
1 Peter Hammond (PH)
2 Toby Thomas (SH)
3 Hamish Neill (Rt)
4 Hugo Morgan (R)
5 George Patterson (R)
6 Ilya Olkov (Rt)
7 Jacob Rumble (PH)
8 Charlie Davis (PH)

J14 Sqaud individual - 4 min
1 Joe Davies (M)
2 Hamish Foden (O)
3 Wilf Deacon (Rt)
4 Harry Lane Fox (Rt)
5 Stamos Fearnall (I)
6 Rhys Elliot-Williams (PH)
7 George Hill (PH)
8 Alex Goode (Ch)

Girls squad individual - 2000m
1 Bridget Lapage (EDH)
2 Katy Williams (EDH)
3 Amy Stockdale (EDH)
4 Libby Wood (MSH)
5 Eliza Hodgson (EDH)
6 Georgia Bustin (EDH)
7 Polly Bingham (MSH)
8 Rainbow Satchittipavarn (EDH)

Senior House relay - 3000m
1 School House
2 Rigg's
3 Ridgemount
4 Severn Hill
5 Churchill's
6 Moser's
7 Port Hill
8 Ingram's

Junior House relay - 2000m
1 Severn Hill
2 School House
3 Ingram's
4 Rigg's
5 Oldham's
6 Churchill's
7 Mosers
8 Radbrook

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