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KH stretched at the seams for the 2011 Christmas dinner

Thursday 5 January 2012

Christmas Dinner - set up, and EDH tableOn Friday 9th December we sat down almost 850 staff and students for a traditional Christmas dinner in Kingsland Hall, where every inch of room was needed and all the usual servery equipment had been removed.

Each house decorated their own areas with crackers and balloons, creating a lovely Christmasy atmosphere in the dining room.

In the kitchens, the chefs were busy slicing over 250kg of turkey, preparing over 80kg of fresh sprouts and 90kg of carrots, not to mention the 1,000 pigs in blankets and 1,000 stuffing balls. The meal was served at the tables by forty waiting staff, after which the Christmas raffle was drawn.

The washing up took us in to the small hours and had to be finished on Saturday - a huge task, but one we always look forward to.  Only 48 weeks to go till the next one!

Happy new year.

Team KH

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