Shrewsbury School

OS Golf: Trevose 2011 - Competition Report

Thursday 1 September 2011

Did you know that once a year at lovely Trevose Golf Club here in glorious Cornwall, there is an Old Schools competition?   Some well known, probably more southerly schools, have as many as six pairs playing.   Every year Bill Higson (O 52-57) has valiantly tried to rally a team but there don't seem to be many OS golfers in this part of the world.   He has managed to put one couple in for the last few years but where are you all?

On the 22nd August 2011, on a calm warm summers day, Bill (13), who has a holiday home close by, and local resident David Balmford (Rt 48-51,(17)), both pictured at the top of the page, set off in foursomes format for a delightful afternoon.   Playing with a young Old Etonian couple (whom  they trounced!) they carded a creditable 31 points.   They actually managed two gross birdie threes on the way. David pointed out that he had only played two of those six shots. Bill's reply was unprintable. 

Regrettably the OS pair was not in the prizes but a great day was enjoyed by all. We'll be there next year. Will you?

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