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OSH v RSSH v Staff, 26 November 2011

Monday 28 November 2011

The annual race against the RSSH and Staff proved to be a much more closely contested event than last year. A welcome return by our captain, Oli Mott, saw him lead the 13 OSH runners home in a very creditable 2nd place, with a fast time of 19 mins 39 seconds for the 3.5 mile course.

Other scoring runners were Kris Blake in 5th, Ed Hector 9th, Ben Hepplethwaite 10th, Toby Jones 15th and Adam Booth 17th. In the team result the RSSH won with 47 points, the OSH were second with 58 points and the Staff third with 105 points. Ian Howarth (Staff), killed in 19 min 17 seconds followed by Oli Mott, with the Huntsman, George Mallett, third in 19.46. Conditions were considerably better than last year when sub zero temperatures and a crisp layer of snow challenged the field.

Tea was taken in the Hunt gym, where we were surrounded by an impressive collection of Hunt memorabilia – and not tempted by the Powerjog machines lined up against the end wall. This was followed by the AGM in the Moser Library and a splendid dinner in Kingsland House where the Huntsman and Junior Whip were our guests.
The photographs show the OSH team before the start, the start of the race, Oli Mott (RB 1998-03) after finishing second and the scene at the end of the race. Full results follow below.

More photos are available on Flickr.

Match Result  
RSSH 47points
OSH 58 points
Staff 105 points
RSSH-Girls  2 runners 


Name Team Time
1 Ian Howarth Staff 19.17.2
2 Oli Mott OSH 19.39.5
3 George Mallett RSSH 19:46.2
4 Peter Middleton Staff 20:31.1
5 Kris Blake OSH 20.48.5
6 Seb Blake RSSH 21:00.6
7 Rory Fraser RSSH 21:16.4
8 Tom Cousins RSSH 21:20.6
9 Ed Hector OSH 22:11.2
10 Ben Hepplethwaite OSH 22:19.3
11 George Nugee RSSH 22:34.8
12 Will Spencer Jones RSSH 22:35.4
13 Simon Jones RSSH 22:57.0
14 Oscar Dickins RSSH 23:09.4
15 Toby Jones OSH 23:32.7
16 Tom Sykes RSSH 23:37.7
17 Adam Booth OSH 23:53.9
18 Henry Dashwood RSSH 24:05.2
19 Hilary Agate Guest 24:07.7
20 Dan Ithabisque Staff 24:37.4
21 Tim Foulger Staff 24:43.7
22 Tim Bedell OSH 25:37.9
23 Jamie Roberston RSSH 25:42.4
24 James Adney OSH 25:48.4
25 James Humpish RSSH 26:00.4
26 David Thomas OSH 26:33.8
27 Sam Watts RSSH 26:42.5
28 Greg Hayward Staff 26:49.2
29 Martin Chow RSSH 26:53.7
30 Anna Thompson RSSH GIRLS 28:18.5
31 Fenella Nicholas Staff 28:22.0
32 Dan Nicholas OSH 28:22.3
33 Peter Birch OSH 29:02.0
34 Becky Home RSSH GIRLS 30:46.8
35 Cliff Simpkin OSH 34:26.6
36 Richard Hudson OSH 38:40.0
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