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Record-breaking GCSE results

Thursday 23 August 2012

Shrewsbury School are delighted to announce our best GCSE results since records began.

Despite widespread reports in the media of tougher GCSEs and lower grades this year, Shrewsbury School has bucked the trend and reported a record-breaking set of results that have thrilled both staff and students alike.

The staff particularly enjoyed handing out the results to some delighted pupils who returned to school early in the morning to find out how well they had done (seem photo below).

An outstanding 44% of Shrewsbury School’s GCSE grades were awarded the top A* grade, and 73% were either A* or A grades. 41 boys managed to get either A* or A grades in every single one of their subjects.

The school’s overall pass rate was 98.2%, substantially higher than the national average of 79.5%.

The headmaster, Mark Turner, who has just completed his second academic year at the helm of this historic school, was overjoyed with his pupils’ success.

“By every criteria, records have been broken, and this year’s GCSE pupils have set a new benchmark to inspire our students in future years.

“The results are a vindication of the hard work that our pupils have put in throughout their time at Shrewsbury School, and I would specifically like to congratulate the 16 boys who managed to get A* grades in all of their subjects,” commented Mr Turner.

Straight A* grades were awarded to:
Lawrence Arnold (M)
Stephen Chandler (Rb)
Jay Cherukat (PH)
Baramee Dobbs (Rt)
Harry Fox (PH)     
Rory Fraser (Ch)
Toby Harvey-Scholes (R)
Mark Huang (S)
Laurence Jeffcoate (Ch) 
Derek Law (O)
Tom Lloyd (Rt)
Ben Lyster-Binns (Ch)
Chris Papaioannou (PH)
Theo Price (G)   
Ed Shawe-Taylor (O)
Alex Walker (O)

Jay Cherukat (10 A*s), Stuart Brown (2 A*s, 7 As, 1 B), Rob Homden (9 A*s, 1 B) and James Hulton-Harrap (7 A*s, 3 As) discuss their results with Martin Cropper, Director of Studies.


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