Shrewsbury School

The 2013 Blue Chairs Calendar is now available

Wednesday 5 December 2012

The calendars will be on sale in the Chapel after the Carol Service, or from Giles Bell  Alternatively, you could encourage your son or daughter to order one to go on their bill!

The 7th edition of the Blue Chairs Calendar is now available for £10, raising funds this year for the new Alex Wilson Sports Scholarship.

Why Blue Chairs?
Six years ago Giles Bell (Housemaster of School House) was searching for a way to support one of his pupils – Artem Botcharov who was suffering from Leukaemia. Around that time all the staff received an email from a colleague asking for the safe return of two blue chairs that had disappeared from his classroom. Giles then sent an email around depicting the Blue Chairs going into Town and asked if anyone else had seen the Blue Chairs. The response he received led to the start of the Blue Chair Movement: a charitable movement dedicated to the study of Blue Chairs in the wild. Over the last six years there have been sightings of Blue Chairs all round the world, often thanks to the efforts of Salopian gappers. The best news is that Artem Botcharov has made a full recovery, but the Blue Chairs Movement continues.

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