Shrewsbury School

Steak Night in Kingsland Hall

Saturday 8 December 2012

The bane of the lives of most Chefs has got to be the issue of food wastage!  The problem is that when everything looks and tastes so good, hungry teenagers display what is commonly known as “Eyes Bigger Than Bellies Syndrome”, and pile their plates accordingly.  From a care point of view, this is music to our ears as we know that the students are always well fed, but the wastage figures can pretty look dismal!  So, the catering team decided to tackle the problem head on with good old Bribery and Corruption!  The deal was as follows:  the students promised only to take what they were actually going to eat, and at the end of each term (provided the wastage figures were down) they would be rewarded with treats:  food-related of course!

We are pleased to announce that this term’s wastage campaign was a resounding success, and as a reward, all of the students had delicious Ginger Bread Men delivered to their Houses.  But that was not all.    Last week we treated the students to a Steak Night.  Succulent steaks, griddled to perfection, were served with crispy chips, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and a choice of either Béarnaise or Peppercorn sauces. 

On this occasion we were happy to see the students pile their plates! 

Carrie Zeiler

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