Shrewsbury School

Old Salopian Bishop, Mark Rylands v Starbucks

Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Bishop of Shrewsbury, Old Salopian Rt Revd Mark Rylands (Ch 1974-79) made a visit in support of a demonstration outside the Starbucks coffee shop in the centre of Shrewsbury on Saturday 8 December.  The event - part of a national initiative - had been organised by local members of UKUncut, a group which seeks to highlight the dichotomy between a UK tax regime which allows companies like Starbucks to legally avoid paying corporation tax;at a time when large-scale cuts are being made to public services.

In a speech to demonstrators and passers-by which emphasised the Christian values of fairness and sharing, Mark said that taxes are levied to support those who are struggling. He said, 'If you are not paying your tax fully you are not caring for your neighbour.'

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