Shrewsbury School

RSSBC: Hope Simpson Ergo Championships

Saturday 22 December 2012

Results from the house relays and the record-breaking Junior event, that took place in the last week of the Michaelmas Term.  The individual events for J15s, J16s, Girls and Top Squad will be taking place in the Lent Term.

This year the Hope Simpson Ergo Championships took place in the Gifford Room of the newly opened Yale Boathouse.

In the J14 event for our new boys, Jacob Rand (R) broke the previous record by 18m, and was a staggering 44m ahead of "DV" Hickey (Ch) in 2nd, and Charlie Speed (I) in 3rd.

No records in the house relays, but victories in both for School House. Emma Darwin won the Girls' House Relay.

Selected results:

1 Rand (R)
2 Hickey (Ch)
3 Speed (I)
4 Moss (R)
5 Trevor (PH)
6 Yale (S)
7 Wong (SH)
8 Hayward (R)

Junior House Relay
1 School House
2 Churchill's
3 Ridgemount
4 Rigg's
5 Moser's
6 Ingram's
7 Port Hill
8 Oldham's
9 Severn Hill
10 Radbrook

Girls' House Relay
1 Emma Darwin
2 Mary Sidney

Senior House Relay
1 School House
2 Oldham's
3 Radbrook
4 Ingram's
5 Churchill's
6 Ridgemount
7 Rigg's
8 Severn Hill
9 The Grove
10 Moser's
11 Port Hill

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