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School House success in the First House football competition

Monday 9 December 2013

In a great end to a hugely successful term, School House managed to add the title of Runners-Up in the biggest inter-house sports competition of the year to their title of Winners of the biggest inter-house music competition of the year. This is testament to the all-round talent and spirit that defines School House.

Back row (l-r): Mr Gunnell (Coach), Jared Sobol, Freddie Rowley, Nick Entwisle (Goalkeeper), Oli Beressi, Will Hargreaves, Yutaro Sato, Joe Collings, Mr Besterman (Manager), Brendan Parsons (Mascot)
Front row: Charlie Bibby, Stanley Hau, Ken Ma, Adrian Tong (Captain), Jamie Elderton, Elliot Sobol

School House fought their way through the prelims, quarter finals and semi finals to earn the honour of playing in the final on the hallowed Senior turf. On the way to finals, they beat Radbrook 2-0 in the prelims with goals from Joe Collings and Freddie Rowley; their next victory in the quarter finals was against Rigg's, again 2-0, with goals from Joe Collings and Elliot Sobol; then they faced Oldham's in the semi finals, which they won 3-1 with 2 goals from Joe Collings... although he tried to claim a hat-trick, but the truth is that nobody knows who had the final touch and it went down as an own goal!

So, it was the favourites, Ridgemount, in the finals. The stands were packed and the atmosphere was electric. The boys went out as under-dogs and put in a very spirited display. They were very unlucky not to be 3-0 up at half time. Half way through the second half, with the score still at 0-0, a serious upset was looking likely because even the neutral supporters could see that School House had dominated for most of the game. However, the dream was not to come true and Ridgemount scored twice in quick succession on the break with ten minutes to go. It looked as if Joe Collings had pulled one back for School House near the end, but it was ruled off-side.

The lads put on a great fight and deserved to win on the balance of play. The difference on the day was only that Ridgemount put their two chances away (good finishes from the school 1st XI striker) and we didn't quite manage to net any of ours, even though we managed to create many excellent opportunities with our fluid, determined and attacking play. Adrian Tong was a fantastic captain and earned himself a House Scarf for leading School House to the finals.

Throughout the competition, School House put on a great show from the sidelines, our support and chants being the envy of all other Houses; a particular favourite was "we've got two matrons, you've only got one!" Our talented bagpiping, trumpet-playing mascot, Brendan Parsons, added another dimension with his rousing chorus. As manager, Mr Besterman was extremely proud of all the players and fans. The Coach, Mr Gunnell, who is our inspirational resident tutor, provided invaluable advice and motivation to the lads, based on his recent experience as a professional footballer.

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