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The "Blues Brothers" Christmas Review

Tuesday 10 December 2013

The memorable appearance of the Blues Brothers in the Ashton Theatre on Monday 9th December has been preserved for posterity and for all to enjoy, thanks to the efforts of the student-run filming group, Shrewsbury School TV. Please see below.

Who was the fiendish drummer in the woolly hat?  Who was that woman with the huge voice who could sure talk and sing the blues? And where did that accordion player come from? 

'The Staff Review', or 'Blues Night' or 'The Great Escape' was - fittingly for one event with three names -  a surreal mixture of the familiar and the wonderfully new.  The stage was packed with Housemasters, Heads of Faculties and Maths teachers, in roles, and cowboy costumes, that we'd never seen them in before. 

The standard of musicianship was fabulous, and the fact that we all knew that it was done on rehearsals squeezed in the tiny spaces they have in their day jobs, made our gasps of surprise and appreciation all the louder. It was terrific to see not one, but two sets of Blues Brothers, five backing singers, complete with changes of outfits and wigs, a fabulous silverware and brass section and two key keyboard players framing the gifted guitarists and soloists. 

Maestro Tim Foulger - complete with Gandalf beard - was the mastermind behind this whole joyful finish to the end of term, and his target - to create a Christmas present of donations to The Shewsy, our Youth Club in Liverpool - scored as much of a hit as the music: £800 was raised, and much fun was had. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Once again, we are indebted to Andrew Spicer (M UVI) and the Shrewsbury School TV crew for filming last night's Blues Brothers review in the Ashton Theatre.

Please see the Shrewsbury School TV highlights on You Tube by clicking on the image below:

Blues Brothers

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