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Salopian Club Seasonal Drinks Parties - November and December 2013

Thursday 19 December 2013

The annual Salopian Club November and December drinks parties went well again this year.  City Drinks on 28 November at the Travellers Club attracted some 160 people and the Club was given a warm welcome to its comfortable and spacious reception room.  The occasion gave Chairman, David Thomas (Rt 1971-75), pictured with the assembled company, left,  an opportunity to welcome the Club's new Director, Lt Col Nick Jenkins, OBE, who will take up his post in February 2014 (see other news).

A week later, on 5 December, the Birmingham and West Midlands Branch held its annual drinks party at Edmunds Bar, followed by a dinner for some of the guests.  The next night, the Shrewsbury Drinks for Old Salopians, parents and current and former staff attracted a good crowd, many of whom went on to that night's Carol Service in the chapel. 

Pictured, right, is the scene in Quod at the Old Salopian Shrewsbury Drinks Party.

Click on the photo to start a slideshow of several photos taken at the various drinks parties.

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