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Paris MUN success

Monday 8 December 2014

Shrewsbury’s 14-strong MUN team were on stunning form at the Paris Conference last weekend, held in the prestigious setting of UNESCO Headquarters and involving more than 900 delegates from 25 countries.

The 14 Shrewsbury delegates representing China and North Korea spent most of the conference in their respective committees, debating all sorts of different topics. These included debates on how best to combat ISIS, what to do to stop the spread of Ebola, the rights of women in the armed forces, the human rights of prisoners, the arms trade, protectionism, how best to fight poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and whether it is right to use genetically modified foods to combat world hunger.

As always, Salopians were right in the thick of the debates and made a big impact.

At the end of the committee stage, on Sunday morning, all 900 delegates reconvened in the main hall in UNESCO to debate a resolution, which was put together by delegates from a number of schools, including Shrewsbury, and then turned into a workable document by Sasha Arridge and Ed Plaut, alongside two girls from a school in Monaco.

Sasha and Ed’s preparatory work on this resolution was the greatest achievement by our team at the 2014 conference. As in the real UN conferences, the two boys burned the midnight oil with their counterparts, making sure that everything was ready for Sunday’s concluding debate. Their work is a good example of everything that MUN is about: research, preparation, intensive debate and disagreement, dialogue, consensus-building, compromise, and finally a document to be proud of.

The result of the General Assembly vote on Sunday morning was a massive majority for Sasha and Ed’s resolution without a single amendment; this is one of the finest achievements by any Shrewsbury team at PAMUN.

No fewer than four of the Shrewsbury team were given Honourable Mentions in the closing ceremony of the conference: Sasha Arridge (Rb LVI), Krem Todorova (G UVI), Rhys Elliott-Williams (PH LVI) and Tiger Vechamamontien (M LVI).

And two were named as Best Delegates in their committees: George Young (O LVI) in the World Health Organisation Executive Committee; and Ed Plaut (S V) in the Human Rights Panel.


Guy Cabral (Ambassador) – Security Council
George Young – WHO Executive Board
Sasha Arridge – Special Conference
Ed Plaut – Human Rights Panel
Joseph Lafferty – Disarmament
Krem Todorova – Political
James Ollerhead –  Environment
Max Yale – ECOSOC

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Rhys Elliott-Williams (Ambassador) – Human Rights Panel
Tiger Vechamamontien – Special Conference 
Huda Hasan – Political
Vicky Quzhang – WHO Executive Board
Fintan Simmons – Disarmament
Batool Aljufairi – Environment 

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