Shrewsbury School

Making history on the Fives courts

Friday 9 January 2015

Thursday 8th January saw an historic event on the Fives courts: for the first time, all 13 houses competing in a tournament at ‘level pegging’, as none of the boys or girls taking part had played Fives before arriving at Shrewsbury.

The girls did well: in the MSH vs Ingrams fixture the honours were even, Ingram’s winning first pair 8-6 and MSH taking second 7-6.  EDH lost to a strong Churchill’s side who are among the tournament favourites. "But I expect EDH to pick up a good few points in the competition from what I saw", said Master in Charge of Fives, Seb Cooley. The Grove 1st pair won 11-4 against a strong Severn Hill pair comprising some of our more promising boys. Severn Hill’s second pair made sure honours were even.

Oldham’s 2nd and Radbrook 1st were the two pairs that picked up maximum possible bonus points against Moser’s and Rigg’s respectively, so sit top of their tables after week 1.

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