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The news 100 years ago: 9th - 15th January 1915

Friday 9 January 2015

No OS lost their lives this week 100 years ago.

The main fighting this week continued around Soissons in northern France, part of the ongoing Battle of Champagne. The Germans attacked the French lines just north of Soissons, hoping thereby to gain access to one of the main routes to Paris. However, the German forces were made up only of small numbers of troops in order to conserve reserves for the fighting on the Eastern front. The French defenders of Soissons repulsed the attack.

The War at Sea is moving into a new phase: early hesitant skirmishes between isolated vessels are escalating into battles in far flung waters, such as the Falklands, the Coast of South America, the Dardanelles, Black Sea and most locally, the North Sea.

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