Shrewsbury School

Salopian Club Committee - Supper and Presentation

Friday 16 January 2015

A special celebratory supper followed the Salopian Club Committee meeting in January, with a guest list of current and recent committee members.

A special celebratory supper, in Kingsland Hall, followed the January meeting of the Salopian Club Committee. This was a lovely opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for the notable efforts of some recent members.

Following speeches from the Headmaster, Mark Turner, and the Club Director, Nick Jenkins, House colours, in the form of scarves, were presented to Old Salopians Paul Nichols, Peter Worth, Nick Randall, Richard Barber and David Thomas in recognition of their hard work for and commitment to the Club over many years. Salopian Club colours were given to Miriam Walton, retiring Administrator, with thanks for all her efforts whilst in post.

With delicious food provided by the in house team and wine flowing, there was a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere, reflecting the positive position the club finds itself in moving forward.


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