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The news 100 years ago: 31st July - 6th August 1915

Friday 31 July 2015

No OS died this week 100 years ago

Constantinople harbour raided by British submarine.

Battle of Sari Bair (Dardanelles)

Preparations are under way for the infamous Suvla operation, an attempt to break the deadlock at Gallipoli. However, despite meeting only light resistance initially, the operation went the same way as Anzac and soon ended up in slaughter and eventual retreat. Mustafa Kemal Attaturk was certainly in action against the Allied landing troops.

Apparently, part of the problem lay with the appointment of General Stopford to command, based solely on his position of seniority on the list rather than any experience, energy or suitability to lead. Ultimate responsibility probably lies with General Kitchener who appointed him; Stopford was eventually dismissed.

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