Shrewsbury School

Withington MUN Awards

Tuesday 8 September 2015

A team of 10 Salopians took part in the one-day Withington Model United Nations in Manchester on the day after Speech Day, representing the United States of America. As always, Salopians were in the thick of the debates right from the start and acquitted themselves very well indeed, picking up a Commended Delegation Award and several individual awards.

Max Yale was Highly Commended in the Middle East Committee.

The following were Commended in their respective committees:

Jamie Nugent
Kitty Cook
Chad Usher
Mark Pangin

The MUN team were:

Jamie Nugent (Ambassador)  -  Security Council
Sylvia Yeo  -  Human Rights Council
Max Yale  -  Middle East
Tom Hughes  -  Disarmament
Koby Ferdinand-Okpala  -  Health
Peter Stanley  -  Human Rights 1
Kitty Cook  -  Human Rights 2
Chad Usher   -  Political 
Chetan Popat   -   CyberSci
Mark Pangin  -  Environment

This marked a very successful end to a good year in Model United Nations, which we intend to build on this year.

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