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Friends of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong Orientation Day for new families

Thursday 27 August 2015

The Friends of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong (FSSHK) held a very successful Orientation Day on 18th July 2015 at The CCC Club in Hong Kong. 

The objective of the event was to provide new Shrewsbury School students and their parents with a platform to meet with existing FSSHK members and to share with them our own experience.   A total of 72 attendees turned up, with the venue overflowing and the air-conditioning having to be on full blast to cool everyone in the hot summer afternoon.   

Besides several new students and their families, who had prior travel engagements, we were very pleased to see that the majority of new students in Years 9/10 & 12 (Third/Fourth and Lower Sixth Forms) all attended with their families.  We even had three families flying in from China!

The session started with Chairman, Mr Bill Chan, introducing FSSHK, our Executive Committee Members, the objective of FSSHK and the various events we have hosted.  This was followed by Vice-Chairwoman Ms. Eva Luk, who added a bit more colour in English.  

Everyone was delighted with the 7-min. video prepared by Giles Bell and Year 10 (Fourth Form) student Angus Warburg, which featured the Headmaster Mr Mark Turner's welcome remarks as well as those of the Housemasters and Housemistresses of Shrewsbury School.   Giles's introduction to the various facilities available at the School and Shrewsbury town was a breath of fresh air.  

We had lined up existing boys and girls to provide a brief recap of their personal experience at School and to share with the audience some of their past successes or concerns as a new entrant.   Jonathan Cheng and Marco Lee of Ingram’s Hall kicked off with a presentation to share their experience in the seniors years of Y12 & 13 (Lower and Upper Sixth Form), while Angel Chan of Emma Darwin and James Wong of School House shared their experience for the junior years in Y9, 10 & 11 (Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms).   We also had the help of old Salopians to share their memorable experience during their days at Shrewsbury.  These included Michael Cheng, Ian Yeung, Jonathan Wu and Philip Yu.  

Beside Henry Lai and Eccles Cheong, who provided the technical support at the venue, there were many other boys and girls and Old Salopians who turned up on the day to provide assistance.  This was particularly helpful during the small group breakouts, when new students talked enthusiastically with them to understand more about School life at Shrewsbury.   Likewise, the new parents were split into small groups with member parents.  

Special thanks go to the Executive Committee Members Florence Kwok, Dixon Chan, Willie Cheng, Denise Ku, Helen Mayhew and Dennis Lo for their support and assistance throughout the event.

Feedback from the new parents has been very positive and we look forward to their assistance to help other newcomers.

Ms. Eva Luk (FSSHK Vice-Chairwoman)

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