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The news 100 years ago: 21st - 27th August 1915

Thursday 20 August 2015

This week we remember:

Second Lieutenant George Robert Bennett, 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers.
Churchill’s, left in 1914.
The Salopian comments: "It is hard for us to realise that one so full of life has fallen. Who that knew him will ever forget him, his warm heart, his cheerful presence, his great physical strength (he won the Senior Steeplechase and then changed and played Rugby football on the same afternoon)?" The Colonel of his regiment wrote that he was killed “…gallantly leading his men in a charge on the Turkish trenches. He was a true gallant spirit and all through his training had shown manliness unsurpassed by anyone…He was killed near a well called ‘Kabak Kirjis: the bullet went straight through his heart and his death was instantaneous. I only wish he were now here to help me.”
Died in Gallipoli 21 August 1915 aged 19
Remembered on Helles Memorial, Turkey. Panel 181 to 183.

Lieutenant William Forbes Norris, 5th Bn. Norfolk Regiment attd. East Anglian Div. Cyclist Coy., Army Cyclist Corps.
Cyclists were used for reconnaissance or as messengers. Armed as infantry, they could use mobile firepower when required. They received the same pay as infantry but were paid more for qualifying as a ‘proficient cyclist’.
Chance’s (now Severn Hill), 1st House Rowing and Editor of the Salopian. His successor comments "A boy of decided literary tastes, and had a charming disposition which won him many friends here". He left in 1912 to go to Trinity College, Cambridge.
Killed in action in Gallipoli 25 August 1915 aged 21
Remembered on Helles Memorial, Turkey. Panel 42 to 44.

News of the War:
Italy declares war on Turkey.
Battle of Scimitar Hill, Suvla

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