Shrewsbury School

Lower Sixth and GCSE Awards 2015

Monday 7 September 2015

Following the AS and GSCE exams, more than 50 students have been awarded Examination Prizes for achieving outstanding scores.

Lower Sixth Examination prizes have been awarded to the following candidates who achieved outstanding scores in their AS subjects:

A. Arridge (Rb)
T.C. Breese (PH)
G.W. Cabral (Ch)
N.J. Chen (I)
X. Chen (MSH)
A. Chumbala (SH)
T.H. Dodd (Rb)
F.T. Galbraith (EDH)
S. Hazar (I)
B.G. Jones (S)
L.B. Kell (EDH)
T. Lam (MSH)
K.L. Lee (M)
L.J. Mattinson (Rb)
H.A.P. Newbould (Ch)
O.C. Papaioannou (EDH)
H.F. Partington (PH)
A. Pototskaya (G)
M.R. Pownall (MSH)
B.E. Sansom (PH)
V.U. Taujanskaite (MSH)
A. Vechamamontien (M)
Y. Xu (EDH)
T. Zhou (EDH)

After the GCSE examinations, Honorary Scholarships have been awarded to:

R.W.A. Carter-Motley (Rt)
M.W. Hedges (Rb)
A.D. Howells (MSH)

and Honorary Exhibitions have been awarded to:

E.M.C. Plaut (S)
M.J.B. Yale (S)

GCSE Examination prizes have been awarded to candidates with an outstanding number of A* grades:

R.A. Arkwright (O)
A.J. Aslam-Baskeyfield (Rb)
W.S. Bedson (Rb)
J.S. Bray (Rb)
E.L. Chapman (Rb)
P. Cope (Ch)
N.W. Davis (PH)
B.M.W. Jones (Rb)
E.G. Kerr (EDH)
H. Kim (S)
R. Lim (MSH)
J.J. Mattinson (Rb
M.H.J. Morris (Rb)
S.K. Randawa (MSH)
M.J.B. Redhead (MSH)
L.H.E. Robb (MSH)
S.T.F. Russell (Ch)
F.J.J. Simmons (Ch)
R.F. Smith-Langridge (EDH)
C.M. Speed (I)
A.K.C.O. Stock (I)
J.S. Thevathasan (PH)
A.J. Thomason (Rt)
T.A.W. Tulloch (Rt)
S. Williams (O)

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