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Success in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2015

Sunday 6 September 2015

At the end of last term and after a busy AS exam schedule, a group of Lower Sixth students entered the 2015 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. They performed remarkably well, amassing a total of eight Gold, 20 Silver and 27 Copper medals – which topped even last year’s excellent results.

This is the fourth time the School has entered this competition, which aims to stretch and challenge students interested in chemistry and provides an excellent experience for anyone considering taking their studies further. Set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists, it is designed to be accessible to Lower Sixth students but also to take them significantly beyond the syllabus and encourage them to think about science in the way they would at university. It is endorsed and sponsored by St Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge.

The paper itself is based on the core of the chemistry A-level specifications, so that students taking any of the different exam board A-levels can compete fairly. The exam lasts 1.5 hours and is composed of a series of structured questions designed to stretch able students by making them apply the principles they have learnt to new and often more complex situations than they would meet in their A-level course. Thus, in order to score marks, it is essential to have a very sound base of knowledge and understanding, but also have the ability to think and reason - often "outside the box" - at a high level. 

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Gold Medals were awarded to:
Tom Dodd (Rb), Hector Kaye (Rb), Ben King (Rb), Emma Harris (MSH), Hamish Partington (PH), Aki Tamai (MSH), Ursule Taujamskaite (MSH), Sherry Xu (EDH).

Silver Medals were awarded to:
Fredric Bonthrone (SH), Tom Breese (PH), Nuo Chen (I), Xiaoyang Chen (MSH), Harry Lane Fox (Rt), Jack Gaunt (Ch), Catrin Harvey (G), Loren Kell (EDH), Gladys Lam (MSH), Farhanah Mohd Lias (EDH), Jess Moeran (G), Ladi Okusanya (SH), Victoria Quzhang (EDH), Charles Rassmuss (I), Ben Remnant (Ch), Ben Sansom (PH), Lucy Scott (EDH), Yuyang Shang (S), Wei Nan Sun (I), Tim Tang (SH), Jingling Wang (MSH), Joshua Wong (SH), Lyann Yeung (G).

Copper Medals were awarded to:
Rory Champion (PH), Calvin Cheung (O), Nat Chumbala (SH), Tom Edwards (S), Naveen Garikapati (Rb), Alfie Grocott (PH), Angus Hay (Rb), Alex Hine (M), Edward Jones (M), Ken Lai (S), Keith Lee (M), Luke Lloyd-Jones (Rb), Eric Ma (SH), Alfred Mitchell (SH), Jakob Mitlehner (Ch), Terry Mok (M), Henry Newbould (Ch), Matthias Owen-Sinclair (M), Matthew Pang (R) , Olivia Papaioannou (EDH), Abi Reynolds (G), Raudhatun Samsul (MSH), Emily Skelton (EDH), Daniel Smith (S), Ivan Tivodar (M), Susannah Watts (MSH), Aaron Zhao (SH).



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