Shrewsbury School

Bastille Society lecture by Brigadier Brian Parritt: ‘Was the Korean War a Success?'

Monday 7 December 2015

The Bastille Society was treated to a visit by Brigadier Brian Parritt on the last Friday of the Michaelmas Term. He spoke to Shrewsbury historians about the causes, events and outcomes of the Korean War 1950-53; a conflict often dismissed as a mere stalemate.

Brigadier Parritt stressed the importance of the role of the United Nations in preventing a Communist takeover of South Korea and displayed to pupils the hardships and difficulties soldiers endured fighting against North Korea and China.

He was able to use personal photographs taken throughout the war to enliven his engaging lecture, given to a packed audience in the Hodgson Hall Haining Theatre.

The Bastille Society would like to extend its thanks to Brigadier Parritt for visiting the School and providing our audience with such an emotive, enlivening and historically detailed lecture.


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