Shrewsbury School

Churchill’s achieve joint victory in Hope-Simpson Ergo Challenge 2015

Wednesday 9 December 2015

This test of raw strength is a highlight of the end of the Michaelmas Term, with each year group fielding their four strongest rowers, and non-rowers if there aren’t sufficient of the former, on ergos set up in the Alington Hall.

The boys’ competition finished in tense fashion, and the overall win was shared by Churchill’s and Oldham’s. The Churchill’s Lower Sixth team, in the photo, won their year group category outright.

The long-unused trophy resurrected for the boys’ event was previously awarded to the winner of ‘First Summer Sculls’ – winner in 1968: R.T. Hudson of Moser’s Hall! Mr Hudson insists that he had completely forgotten about this early indication of rowing promise. He adds that he ended his rowing career at Shrewsbury as a cox, for reasons at which it will not be hard to guess.

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