Shrewsbury School

Model United Nations Conference at Malvern St James

Monday 7 December 2015

Mr Peach accompanied a group of 13 students to the inaugural Malvern St James Model United Nations Conference on 21st November.

Three of our senior debaters, Sasha Arridge, Guy Cabral and Rhys Elliott-Williams chaired committees, alongside their counterparts from Malvern St James. The other ten Salopians represented the USA and Chad in their committees.
It was a successful day for the Chad team, who won a Commended Delegation Award. In addition Charles Wade (PH UVI) won a Highly Commended Delegate Award, Oscar Mattinson (Rb IV) was named the Best Junior Delegate in his committee, and Tom Hughes (Ch V) won a Commended Delegate Award in the Security Council.

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