Shrewsbury School

Bastille Society Lecture: 'Watchfulness in 18th Century Aristocracy'

Wednesday 12 February 2020

On Friday 7th February, the Bastille Society had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Matthew Neal from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, to lecture on ‘Watchfulness in 18th Century Aristocracy’.

Dr Neal gave an engrossing lecture which immersed the audience into the minds of 18th century aristocracy. Through an examination of multiple, often amusing, primary sources, Dr Neal demonstrated the paranoia and constant observation that the aristocracy subjected themselves to. Dr Neal argued that this intent awareness was part of a culture of watchfulness that developed within the 18th century.

The talk was extremely well-received, and Dr Neal answered multiple questions concerning the nature of 18th century watchfulness and its impact on the rest of society. There was also the opportunity to ask Dr Neal about the process of applying to Cambridge, which many students took advantage of.

The Society would once again like to extend its thanks to Dr Neal for taking the time to travel to Shrewsbury and give such a fascinating lecture.

Lara Gabbitas (EDH U6)

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