Shrewsbury School

Fives news update

Thursday 13 February 2020

Our top year-group Fives pairs defied Storm Ciara and travelled the well-trodden path down to the south-east for a weekend of Fives against Highgate, Eton and Harrow, while three U14 pairs headed to Uppingham.

The U16s won all four of their matches on Saturday against Highgate (4-0), but lost to Eton (1-3) on Sunday. The seniors also beat Highgate (3-1) but lost to Eton (1-3).

In the Junior ranks, the U14s had a tough day (1-6) against Eton but did get to see the original Fives court at the Eton Chapel (pictured above), and the U15s lost to both Highgate and Harrow in the Hughes Cup.

All in all, a good weekend with much gained as preparation continues towards the Nationals at the end of the Lent Term.

Meanwhile three U14 pairs travelled to Uppingham to play in a Beginners' Festival with Oakham, Stamford, Ipswich and Uppingham. A lot of Fives was played over four hours where, after an all-Shrewsbury semi-final (Max Darke & Samuel Jones vs Anton Mayatskiy & Giles Holliday), our winning pair went on to beat Stamford’s 1st pair convincingly to become the first holders of the Thring Trophy. Well done to Anton and Giles!

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