Shrewsbury School

Swinging South West

Friday 28 February 2020

Salopians from Cardiff, Bath, Birmingham and Exeter all converged on Bristol for the Salopian Club South West student drinks.

On Friday 28th February in the stylish setting of Browns Bar they were joined by the Shrewsbury team of Toby Percival, Head of Higher Education, Oliver Jackson-Hutt, Development Director, and Nick Jenkins, Director of the Salopian Club, who had all fought their way through the floods to reach the uplands of Clifton. Sincere thanks are due to the organisers, that redoubtable team of Ed Acton and James Snell (both Ch 2013-2018) who, like Lars Porsena of Clusium, from east and west and south and north  summoned their array. Same time, same place next year, we hope.

Nick Jenkins





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