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Students from over 60 countries join together in virtual World Affairs Conference

Thursday 11 February 2021

Salopians from five countries joined hundreds from all over the globe thanks to this year’s virtual World Affairs Conference.

As one of the G30 schools, Shrewsbury pupils were invited to join Upper Canada’s World Affairs conference on Saturday 6th February, which unites students from around the world to discuss current affairs, hearing from distinguished professionals and having the opportunity to network with other delegates. 

Candela V (EDH, 5) said: “The topic of the conference was “Together for a Better tomorrow” and it talked about how our generation should innovate. Here we learned about the importance of sustainable businesses, how social media has affected and changed our lives and the hope for equality in the future. We had the opportunity to share different points of views with students of over 60 different countries in networking rooms. It was definitely an unforgettable experience and we look forward to going next year.”

Theo P (Rb, L) added: “The opening address was given by Andrew Chisholm, a member of the Board of Directors at the Royal Bank of Canada and former Senior Strategist at Goldman Sachs. He discussed his current position in Sustainable Finance and how sustainability should be of paramount importance in everything we do. Following this, there were four plenaries to choose from: “Businesses in COVID: Sink or Swim”, “The Future of Social Media: We are the product”, “Social Justice: Our History and Future” and “Commercial Space Flight: The Future of Humanity”.

“They were very enlightening and of great topicality. In the breakout rooms between these plenaries, it was interesting to hear from like-minded individuals, who were all very enthusiastic, especially the Australian delegates despite participating in the conference at 3am!

“There was also a Start-up Exhibition, with both Adult and Teenage Entrepreneurs discussing their journey in starting a business and how they’ve coped through the Pandemic. The Conference ended with an inspirational Keynote Speech from Dr. George Elliott Clarke on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

On top of ShrewsMUN V and Debating with Cranbrook School, Sydney, it has certainly been a global week for Shrewsbury.


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