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Brothers take on beach pollution problem

Thursday 11 February 2021

Two Salopian brothers organised a community beach clean-up in their hometown to tackle the rubbish that had been left or washed up in the area.

Sam C (L6, SH) and Josh C (L6, R) organised a beach tidy up for Sheung Sze Wan beach, which is close to their home in Hong Kong. This is not the first time the pair have done something good for their community – they recently volunteered at their local dog shelter as part of the Volunteering @ Home initiative.

For this event, the brothers created a flyer which was sent out in the community. Thirty-five volunteers turned up to help with the beach clean-up and over the space of two hours, 38 bags of rubbish were collected.


Sam said: “We decided to do this event because we have a beach so close to home and to our neighbourhood, it’s become a place of gathering in the community. This means that seeing it slowly decay and collect rubbish over time can really upset everyone, but still, no one does anything. So, we decided to act ourselves, organising a beach clean-up and posting an advert on the neighbourhood wide group chat.

“There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the event, and some volunteers didn’t even know about the event until they saw us all working and decided to come help. After the event, the group chat had several messages thanking us for organising it and thanking everyone involved, as well as remarks saying how much cleaner the beach looked.”

“It’s satisfying to know that we were able to gather people together to perform a task, and that the neighbourhood was grateful.”

Josh added: “It was a great feeling seeing so many people come together to help take care of our community and I was shocked at how much rubbish was sitting right under our noses. I’m pleased with our efforts, not only did we clean up the beach but by doing so we were able to teach both children and adults the importance of taking care of the environment.”

Well done both!

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