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Old Salopians share insights into business ethics

Thursday 11 February 2021

On Tuesday evening the Philosophy & Theology faculty hosted two Business Ethics Forums on Zoom for A-Level students. 

Head of Faculty, Emma Wheeler invited members of the Old Salopian community with experience in business to attend the call and share their insights into key areas of business ethics.

Emma Wheeler said: “The response to this invitation was overwhelming, with well over a hundred Old Salopians getting in touch to share their views. 

Philippa Foster-Back CBE

“Students were very fortunate to hear on the live calls from a diverse range of experienced speakers, including those directly engaged in the study of ethics, like Philippa Foster-Back CBE, former Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, and Cennydd Bowles, a designer and author of Future Ethics.  We also gained fascinating insights from business owners and CEOs (Matthew Kimpton-Smith, Mark Steeves and Julian Lewis-Booth) and those working in finance (Miles Kershaw and Will Kenyon). Observations on business management and politics were offered by Lord Marland of Odstock, who is Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC).  Sam Wilson offered insights from the world of international development in education; we also heard from Tony Bamford, a leading chartered surveyor, and Tom Tildesley, Group Financial Controller at Imperial Brands plc.

“Key questions focused on Milton Friedman’s ideas about the moral responsibility of business, the authenticity of corporate social responsibility policies and the connection between ‘good ethics’ and profitability.  Students were also keen to ask about environmental issues, philanthropic activity, and diversity and inclusion policies.  Needless to say, the speakers held a wide range of views but also reached consensus on many points, which was very useful for students to see.”

In addition to the forums, a survey was sent out to all those who expressed an interest in responding.  These are currently being collated into an important resource for students, along with further video recordings from meetings yet to take place, and countless book recommendations from Old Salopians.

Emma added: “With huge thanks to all of those who participated to this invaluable project.”

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