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Results from the Chemistry Olympiad 2021

Thursday 25 March 2021

Seventeen Sixth Form students took part in Round 1 of the International Chemistry Olympiad in remote this year, with a majority from the Lower Sixth.

With this in mind, the certificates achieved are even more impressive as the competition aims to stretch students to think beyond the A Level course, and first-year A Level students have encountered relatively little content at the time of sitting the challenging paper. To earn four gold, five silver and five bronze medals is above the national average, with over 7000 students having taken part.

Designed to challenge and stimulate the most talented young chemists in the country, further information on the Olympiad is available at

Students were tasked, in two hours, to attempt questions on organic synthesis, phosphorous chemistry, carbon capture technology, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, conformations of organic molecules and xenon; many of the questions are inspired by recent news and discoveries each year. In this way, the Olympiad encourages students to see the relevance of chemical problems to the real world and to consider the instrumental role chemists have in solving big issues.

Certificates were awarded to:


  • Edward H
  • Rosa L
  • Eudora X
  • Yuhan W


  • Annie F
  • Edward H
  • Hannah H
  • Janet L
  • Kate R


  • Ellie L
  • Gordon S
  • Maarten S
  • Bubbles W
  • Cynthia Z
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