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Charlie is Worldwide Touch-Typing champion

Thursday 30 September 2021

A fifth former has won the KAZ Worldwide Touch-Typing Tournament at a typing speed of an amazing 76 words per minute.

Charlie S (I) completed the programme at the end of Fourth Form in the Typing Group society and scored an accuracy of 96%. 

Charlie will also be eligible to have a City & Guilds Typing award, a recognised qualification.  

KAZ provide award-winning online typing courses and software to schools, businesses and individuals across the world. Their Worldwide Touch-Typing Tournament for schools was introduced last year. 

“Learning to touch type can sometimes be considered a bit of a chore, but the launch of KAZ’s touch typing tournament last year created a whirl of excitement amongst schools across the world. Not only did it encourage pupils to learn the skill, but it also brought out their competitive spirit.” 

This is the second year in a row that Shrewsbury has won, following on from Mew H (O, UVI) who won with a score of 65 words per minute and 89% accuracy. 

Touch-typing is one of the activities on offer to all pupils at Shrewsbury as part of the School’s co-curricular Societies programme. It is very popular among pupils and is championed enthusiastically by teacher Karen Mitchell, Head of Learning Support. 

“Touch-typing is a valuable life-skill that not only supports pupils’ academic studies at school but also their future career paths.  As your typing skills improve, you save time, you can focus on the text on the monitor rather than on the keypad, and it improves your accuracy. Learning to touch-type properly also has health benefits, as it ensures you sit correctly at your computer, which is good for your spine, increases your productivity and unleashes the potential of your brain. 

“Congratulations to Charlie and well done for bringing the trophy back to Shrewsbury!”   

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