Shrewsbury School

Libby is U18 Fives Champion

Friday 8 October 2021

Congratulations to Libby T (MSH, UVI) who won the U18 Individual Fives Tournament in Highgate.  

The first Fives trip of the season saw our senior girls travel down to Highgate over the weekend, where Libby won 6 of her 7 matches, showing great composure and adaptibility as she played with a range of partners.  

Libby T, said: “I felt over the moon to be able to win the Fives U18 individual tournament last weekend. It wasn't something that I expected, due to only playing Fives for a short time.  

“It was a day full of great games and competition with a variety of different players attending. We had the opportunity to play with people from other schools as well as our own, which allowed me to learn other people's playing styles, as well as being able to have the opportunity to develop my skills even further.  

“I really enjoyed the experience, and it was just nice to compete in such a fantastic sport.” 

Well done Libby and all the other girls who competed!  

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