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Salopians commended at first in-person MUN debate since 2019

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Cheadle Hulme School held their 21st MUN conference on October 9-10th, involving 36 delegations from 21 schools from across the country.

This was the first in-person MUN for nearly 2 years, and it was great to see 20 Salopians sign up to take part.  

Four Salopians chaired committees, and did a brilliant job, ensuring balanced and fruitful debate, explaining procedure to newcomers and keeping order when debates became heated. 

They were Lem M (I, UVI) (Health and Social Committee), Ella B (M, UVI) (Special Committee on Climate Change), Izzie U (G, UVI) (Youth) and Oscar R (PH, LVI) (Security Council).  

Our delegates, who represented France and Estonia, also picked up a few awards: 

Highly Commended Delegate: Faye M (EDH, UVI) (Estonia, Youth Committee) 

Commended Delegates: Eva L (MSH, LVI) (Estonia, Security Council) and Damian J (R, LVI) (Special Committee on Climate Change) 

Honourable Mentions: Liam G (R, V) (France, Security Council), Siena G (M, LVI) (France, Historical Committee), Rico M (I, UVI) (France, Political Committee), Andrew M (Ch, LVI) (France, Disarmament Committee), Eva H (G, LVI) (Estonia, Special Committee on Climate Change) and George R (PH, III) (Estonia, Human Rights Committee). 

Huw Peach, Teacher in Charge of MUN said: “It's great that MUN conferences are happening again in person, and the Shrewsbury MUN teams are looking forward to the first 4 days of half term, when we will be representing the United Kingdom and Belize at the Royal Russell School MUN in Croydon.” 

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