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Old Salopian Day sees former pupils reunite once again

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Last weekend saw Old Salopians reunite after two years with an event that included vintage cars, an art exhibition and musical concert, along with many other chances to reminisce on school days. 

Old Salopian Day took place over two days, with a chapel service on Sunday, boasting a jam-packed schedule for ex-pupils, teachers and matrons to enjoy.  

Visitors were able to enjoy an art exhibition entitled ‘Salopian Memories’, for which Old Salopians produced some wonderful artwork which was on display for all to see.  

Old Salopians also took to the pitch, organised by Rupert Connor (S), with teacher Mr Colm Kealy refereeing the match.

Director of the Salopian Club, Nick Jenkins, said: “In an era of Covid caution, it was wonderful to welcome back so many Old Salopians of all ages to enjoy a packed programme – a rally of vintage and classic cars, exhibitions in the Taylor Library and of Salopian art, a lecture on the History of the School by the ageless David Gee, a concert by our music scholars, a veterans’ football match and the Centenary celebrations of Ridgemount on its current site.  

“Add to this the superb catering and service from the staff of Kingsland Hall for the buffet lunch and the more formal Reunion Dinner, addressed by this year’s President, Andrew Lister, and the Headmaster, Leo Winkley.  

“Despite an enforced interval of two years, this weekend was worth the wait.” 



OS Artist Nigel Davies has designed and made A2 posters containing anagrams of Floreat Salopia and is selling them for £60 inlcuding VAT/P&P and giving a £10 donation to the Shewsy. They are available by contacting Nigel at 

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